Wattmonk – Link Between Installers And Customers

With increasing need of using renewable energy as a source of energy, in the world, Wattmonk stands out as a reliable organization engaged in providing quality solar services. It is one of the leading companies of these highly commendable range of solar services.

Our team of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece of work is ensured with proper quality assurance, with continuous efforts to improve the quality to serve our clients better. Use of modern technology, industry standards, timely and quality deliveries, experienced workforce are our USPs.

Where does WattMonk come into play?

WattMonk creates a link between the installers and the ultimate customers. This link provides assistance to customers in running their solar businesses smoothly, while saving their precious time as well as efforts, this is done by replacing the various entities that a customer goes to so as to achieve their prelim design, survey, permit, stamping etc.

While at Wattmonk, we provide you a one-stop solar solution for all your solar businesses so that you do not have to run to different industry players for different things. We note that solar permitting, PE stamping and other soft costs can increase the worth of putting in home or commercial solar to assist remove the financial and time barrier of disorganized permitting processes, Wattmonk is providing a more standard solar permitting process across the U.S., the program aims to form it more efficient and affordable for the owners. With 100+ employees, we make sure our clients do no depend upon one person which might lead to delay, but with number of employees, the clients do not only get quality assured services through our experts but also assists them in saving time and money.

What all do we offer to you?

1) Prelim Design: Solar Prelim Design’s primary motive is to show cast a layout of the respective residential or commercial space with solar modules placed on the best roof angles to see how the solar array will look on your space, taking into consideration obstructions such as attic vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, etc.
It is a blueprint of the space which gives you a brief idea of what, where and how activities shall flow. It concludes a comprehensive design view. WattMonk specializes in catering U.S.A’s AHJ-compliant solar pv designs. Being capable of delivering Prelim design in just 45 min* of design requests, is what distinguishes us in the industry.
It aids the customer grasp a far better understanding of the prices and outcome of owning a solar PV system. We utilize rigorous analytical tools to simulate the physical layout, power production, costs and style of your recommended system supported your current information and goals.


2) Survey of the space: Performing site survey for solar installation is that the most vital initiative to collection information about the conditions and issues before any decision made.

WattMonk provides a suggestive application to all its clients so as to assist them in making sure every bit of an essential information is being check listed. This app helps in conducting surveys by providing customized survey templates with ease of conducting survey without repetitive site visits and not just this but with zero paperwork. With no need to create separate channels for different designs, it enables the client to gather all of its info relating to the space in one place.

WattMonk’s platform/App equips your team to survey each of the facility with utmost precaution and preciseness. It is a single platform to collate all of your important documents in one place with no hassle.
Its detailed Survey checklist ensures that none of our clients miss any essential information, saving their time as well as efforts of going to-and-fro to the plant.


3) Solar Permit Design : Permit plan is a customized document for customers as per local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Solar permit design includes detailed plans for individual Solar Projects.

This solar permit design not only can be submitted to their city for permit approval but also can be used to guide contractors during solar installations.
Wattmonk has worked on 10+ designs for AHJ designs hence, provides standardized survey with success rate of 98.2%.
The Permit Design being the most tedious task is made easy with WattMonk. It includes detailed plans for individual Solar Projects. This solar permit design not only can be submitted to the city for permit approval but also can be used to guide contractors during solar installations.
Isn’t that a relief?
4) PE Stamping : WattMonk facilitate PE stamping for all residential & Commercial projects to confirm all drawing and designs are as per AJH, so that our clients do not face any hurdle and can run their plan smoothly.
Professional knowledge is best demonstrated when a PE has been retained by the contractor, and is personally conscious of a project’s scope, needs, parameters, limitations and special requirements. With structural engineer’s review of all Pictures of the Project, ensures that it is safe for the owner as well as the community. Professional licensure protects the general public by enforcing standards that restrict practice to qualified individuals who have met specific qualifications in education, work experience, and exams. These qualifications for licensure are regulated by state.
When a PE backs your project, the state will easily recognize its legitimacy and provides approval. When you place your trust in a PE, they become liable for your project’s integrity.


5) As Build Drawing : The as-built drawings show how the system was actually installed and it showcases any changes made to the design during installation.

To have the most recent drawings, we provide the as-built drawings services to our customers.

As-Build design is a revised drawing that is created and submitted after the solar installation is completed.
It helps Track modifications made in the interim stages of installation and make it easier to clearly visualize the next steps.

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