Solar Site Survey

You can schedule, assign, and do home surveys with our Site Survey App. The app guides the user to capture all information in one go.

At Wattmonk, we recognize the pivotal role that a well-executed solar site survey plays in the success of any solar project. Our Solar Site Survey service is meticulously designed to provide you with the crucial insights needed for efficient solar planning and installation.

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Save time and money with a Self Survey App

Using our Site Survey app, you can conduct home surveys without hiring a professional to do it for you. Our app helps the user capture all the information in one go by guiding them through the entire process. Our site survey app enables you to gather a complete set of site survey data during site visits, including roofing details, main service panel details, and site pictures.

It allows you to do a home survey on your own with highly interactive features that can automatically feed the same information into permit plans.

Solar Site survey at your fingertips


Capture information for planset, permitting, and utility in one go.

Quality checked within 15 minutes.

Manage Fleet through scheduling and assigning capabilities.

Internal Quality checks done by In-house engineers ensure maximum accuracy.

Available on the Android Play Store & App Store.

Key Highlights



On-the-Go Surveys: Schedule, assign, and conduct home surveys effortlessly, ensuring accurate data collection anywhere, anytime.


Accurate Roof Measurements

Say goodbye to estimation errors. Wattmonk provides precise roof measurements, ensuring that your solar system is seamlessly integrated into your existing structure.


User-Friendly Design

No training required! Our app guides users step by step through the survey process, making it accessible to all team members.


Task Assignment

Easily create surveys and assign tasks to team members with a streamlined process for increased productivity. By integrating information fed by engineers/surveyors who visit the site to our portal, we ensure accuracy and efficiency in planset designs.

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