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Save more on Solar PV Permit Design costs, Save more whe you order more, highly competitive cost for PE stamping

Make your solar business more profitable

With permit design package prices as low as $60* USD, WattMonk reduces design costs and increases your profit margins.

​Our reliable, accurate, and great value designs for AHJ approval ensure you never waste time revising designs...

​WattMonk is your go-to solar design partner for sales proposals and PV permit designs!

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Efficient on Solar PV Permit Designs with express design delivery (Aurora Solar shade analysis report, Solar sales proposal, PV permit design, As build drawing, Structural stamping, Electrical stamping & Survey application)

Make your solar business more efficient

Order solar designs in 5 mins! Review your solar projects anytime with the app.

We work on all types of residential and commercial solar projects.

​Our services include complete sales proposals, site assessment reports, accurate shade analysis using LIDAR technology, realistic 3D site designs and more...

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Presence across the USA

delivering 30MW of solar projects every month

Solar Permit Plans across the USA
Express designs delivery for Sales Proposal Meetings & Permit design creation

Serve your customers better

Our expert design team guarantees delivery in just a few hours! Our Express service delivers sales proposals in less than an hour and permit designs in 6 hours! Track real-time project progress anytime online or via the app.

​Delight customers with each project delivery. Our services ensure you never miss a deadline.

In controll of Solar projects & designs with wattmonk platform & Application that provides real time status update for all your Solar design projects

WattMonk makes your customers happier

Easily manage your solar projects. All designs are stored in real-time in one easy-to-access place.


Whether you have a team of in-house designers or you are looking to expand by outsourcing designs, Wattmonk is your ideal solar partner.

Starting your solar design journey is as simple as clicking the button below.

Be in control of all designs and designers in one place. chat, audio call or Video call with the designer working on your Solar design projects

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Ensure your customers always have the highest quality designs.

Talk to expert designers and your account manager in real-time with our Chat options (Video, Audio or Text)​

Access the project status in real-time to update your customer on delivery date and AHJ status.

What is WattMonk promise?

Quality Conrol & Quality checks in Wattmonk

Quality control with two quality checks and a quality assurance process.

Fast turn around time in Watmonk

Fast turnaround time

Price Competitiveness in Wattmonk

 Competitive pricing

In house team of highly skilled expert designers.

Highly skilled man power in Wattmonk

Experience our solar services with the Wattmonk platform and app

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All transactions are secure with a high level of commitment and background verifications.

Prelim & Permit Designs

Manage all your residential and commercial solar designs with WattMonk.

Prelim and permit designs

Survey on Mobile

Enable your survey team to capture all the details required for a permit design.

Survey app

PE Stamping

Get PE stamping for all your designs with our Registered Professional Engineers.

PE stamping

Build your own team in Wattmonk

Make life easier by monitoring and assigning projects from the app or platform

Build and manage your team

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