Make your solar business more profitable

Wattmonk ensures that with Permit Design Price starting at $50* USD, you reduce your design cost & increase your margins.

Our every time correct design for AHJ approval at such a great price make sure you don't lose your valuable time in the revision of designs..

So looking for Solar Sales Proposal or PV Permit design, Wattmonk is your go-to Solar Design partner.



Make your solar biz more efficient

Order Solar Designs with help of our app or platform in just 5 min. This will help you save time in ordering and review of all Solar projects in one place.

We work on all types of Residential Solar Projects & Commercial Solar Projects

Our services include Complete Sales proposal, Site assessment report, Accurate Shade Analysis using LIDAR technology, Realistic 3D Design of Site, and more...

Come and experience our services with our Free Solar Design services.

Presence across the USA

with designs deliver so far


Serve your customers better

Our highly skilled and experienced design team ensures design delivery in few hours (with Express design services get Solar Sales Proposal and Permit Design in just 1* hour & 4* hours respectively) & you can track the progress through our Online tools.

Get delighted customers at the end of each Project deliver. Our services ensure you never miss on any commitment.

Wattmonk makes it simpler to serve your customers

It has become easier to manage all your customers & solar project pipelines with all your designs in one place & synched in real-time.


Now even if you have a team of inhouse designers or looking to expand projects with solar design outsourcing, Wattmonk will prove to be your ideal Solar partner


Starting your solar design journey is as simple as clicking the button below.

Be in control of your design

Our consistent services ensure, you always have the right design for your customers.

Talk to designers and account manager in real-time with our Chat options (Video, Audio or Text)

Know your project status in real-time and update your customer on delivery date and AHJ status.

What is Wattmonk Promise?

In house team of highly skilled man power.

Quality Control  with 2 Quality Checks and Quality Assurance process


Fast Turn-Around Time

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Enable your Survey team to capture all required pictures for creating a constructive Permit Design.

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Manage your Team in one place to monitor and assign them projects. Use or App or Platform for simplifying your life.

Built your own tem

Manage all your Solar Designs with wattmonk. We provide design services for both Residentials & Commercial Projects

Prelim & Permit Designs

Now get PE Stamping for all your designs through Registered Professional Engineer.

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