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Zippy does it all

Zippy auto-fills your survey information in Plansets and automate Planset's calculation.Zippy is a magical self learning tool that keeps updating all AHJ databases, making your plansets error free!

Try Zippy Today

Solar Design Automation is the future! Try Zippy today and get super-fast permit designs in just 2 hours.

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With Zippy, Pay Lowest Cost For Plan Sets

Zippy is a one-of-a-kind tool that comes with numerous advantages. With Zippy you have the most accurate permit designs with super-fast TAT. Zippy reduces the cost of your permit design and as well as revisions.

Automates all structural and electrical calculations in accordance with the AHJ updates - resulting in highly accurate Permit Packages.

A semi-automated Solar Planset generating tool

Get your Design In Just Three Steps.

Zippy’s Features You'll Love

Get the power of solar design automation with Zippy

Make Instantaneous Revisions

Zippy enables you to make revisions instantly with just a click.

Extensive Database

Zippy is powered by Self-learning technology which stays auto-updated to all AHJ regulation databases.

Automated Calculations

Zippy automates all OCPD and Load calculations making the Plansets error free.

Preview your Planset

With Zippy you can now preview how your Plansets looks and can make changes on the go.

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