Unlock Seamless Solar Installations with Wattmonk Solar Permit Packages

Navigating the complexities of solar permits is a crucial step in bringing your solar vision to life. At Wattmonk, we simplify this process with our comprehensive Solar Permit Packages. Designed to streamline the permit acquisition journey, our packages empower you to move forward with your solar project confidently.

Plan Set Design Sample

Expert Guidance:

Wattmonk Solar Permit Packages come with the expertise of our seasoned professionals. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of permit requirements and industry regulations, ensuring a smooth permit acquisition process.

Tailored to Your Project:

We understand that each solar project is unique. Our Solar Permit Packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of your installation, whether it's a residential rooftop, commercial space.

Our Detailed Report Includes

Permit Application Assistance

Receive expert assistance in preparing and submitting your permit applications. Our team guides you through the application process, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Detailed Site Plans

Present a clear picture of your solar installation with detailed site plans. Our packages include professionally crafted plans that meet the specifications of local permitting authorities.

Structural and Electrical Drawings

Ensure compliance with structural and electrical requirements through our detailed drawings. These drawings provide a comprehensive overview of your solar system's design.

Compliance with Local Codes

Navigating local building codes can be challenging. Wattmonk ensures that your permit package aligns with all local codes and regulations, expediting the approval process.

How Wattmonk Solar Permit Packages Work



Initiate the process with a consultation. Our team assesses the unique requirements of your project and recommends the most suitable Solar Permit Package.


Document Preparation

Once your package is selected, our experts prepare all necessary documentation, including permit applications, site plans, structural drawings, and electrical diagrams.


Designs meets Requirements

Wattmonk works with over 6500 AHJs and 500 utilities across all 50 states in the USA. This extensive coverage ensures that our designs meet the specific requirements of each jurisdiction, reducing the risk of rejections and delays.


Reduce Errors, Increase Approval Rate

Our planset design process is meticulously crafted based on the information gathered from surveys. By integrating data directly into the portal, we improve quality and ensure one-time approval.