What is Wattmonk 2.0? What’s New And How Wattmonk 2.0 Adds Values To Your Business


What if you had a magic button that delivered solar engineering support and permit-ready plan sets right to your inbox? What if you could just chat with your team of solar engineers standing by to answer your questions? What if a platform could provide solar permit services and handle your PV system design so you can focus on sales and installation?

Presenting Wattmonk 2.0 an End-to-End Solar Engineering Platform.

From Solar Sales Proposals to Interconnection and PTO Applications, you get it all in one place with just a few clicks. Our Platform is designed considering the needs of solar installers and personnel. You can customize it as per your needs and opt for whichever service you want. Wattmonk has been a known name in the US Solar industry for years and works with over 150 Installers across 50 States.
How Wattmonk 2.0 is beneficial for you?
Wattmonk is an AI-driven platform.
We proudly leverage learning-based technology to deliver a platform that minimizes errors and brings accuracy and speed to a solar business. With a strong technology team, we relentlessly innovate every day and find easier solutions for complex tasks.
Wattmonk 2.0 has the following features that makes it an all-in-one solar engineering platform.
You can take control of your project with an easy-to-use workflow, created for your solar engineering needs.
Some interesting features of the platform:
  • Detailed analytics and insights sections to help you track all your projects

  • Complete project visibility through live status tracking of each project

  • Team management through customized roles

  • Our Home survey app is seamlessly integrated into the platform

  • Access from anywhere -Desktops, Tablets, and Mobiles

  • Dark mode ! Does it get better than this?

An everyday solar store for solar Installers

Wattmonk is the only platform that fulfils all of the solar installers engineering needs, right from the point a homeowner says “Yes” to getting solar panels up on the roof. Our array of services cover Sales Proposals, Site Surveys, Plan sets, PE Structural and Electrical Reviews, Permitting, Interconnection, PTO applications.

We make your Permits faster
We enable our installers with more time to sell and put more solar panels on roofs through industry’s best turn around times for Sales Proposals and Permits. Permit Plan sets in mere 6 hours*, Sales proposals in 2 hours*, Survey App to help anyone with an easy site survey in minutes, Electrical and Structural reviews in 24 hours*, super fast Interconnection and PTO applications.
What is Zippy?
Explore the benefits of Solar Automation with Zippy!

Zippy is a one-of-a-kind software that automates solar planset generation. It reduces human intervention, errors, and revision costs. Zippy automatically picks data from our home survey app and automates planset data instantaneously.

Zippy’s features you’ll love:
  • Semi-automated planset building technology

  • Make changes to plansets on the go

  • Fully customizable

  • Easy to use

  • Ready for AHJ and Utility Approval

  • Works for all kinds of String and micro inverters

  • Extensive database of all major solar equipment

  • Updated and automated AHJ & Utility data

  • Zero typo and calculation errors

  • AI-Powered data updation

Wattmonk is proud to have taken a technology-first approach to solar engineering, something that is unheard of in the solar industry. We are excited to share the fruits of our hard work over the last year and would love to hear from you.
Explore how Wattmonk 2.0 works here achievements

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