Now getting Engineering Reviews is as easy as ordering your food online

We facilitate Engineering Reviews for all residential & Commercial projects. Correct and updated information on requirements of local AHJs and utility is important to deliver an accurate project. With a database of 6500+ AHJs & 500+ Utilities get Electrical and Structural Reviews in 24-48 Hrs.

Electrical Review - Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Incorporating Electrical Stamping into our comprehensive service offering, WattMonk ensures that your solar projects adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards. Our qualified electrical engineers meticulously review and stamp electrical designs, assuring that your solar installations are not only efficient but also meet rigorous safety regulations.

Structural Review - Building Solar Foundations with Confidence

Structural integrity is paramount in solar projects, and our Structural Stamping service adds an extra layer of assurance. Our professional engineers examine and stamp structural plans, confirming that your solar installations are built on a secure and compliant foundation. Gain confidence in the stability and longevity of your solar structures.

Simplifying Professional Engineer Stamping

Order Engineering Review for Your Projects.

Need a document or a package stamped by a professional engineer? Place an order, and we'll have them ready for you in under 24 hours. PE Stamping has never been this easy.

Faster Stamping - On-Demand Engineering Review.

You no longer have to plan appointments to ensure all your documents and packages are stamped on time. Just place a PE stamping order as soon as they're ready.

Shorter Turnaround Times - Engineering Review Made Convenient.

No more waiting around for your turn to get your documents stamped. Hassle-free, convenient PE stamping for all your projects is just a click away.

Solar Sales Made Easy


Faster Turnarounds

Get Electrical & Structural Reviews in 24 hours* or less.


Compliance Assurance

Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations


One time approval

With a pool of PE Stamping partners, we facilitate Electrical & Structural reviews for all solar projects


Comprehensive Analysis

Thorough examination of structural and electrical aspects of solar projects.


Meet Design Standards

With Wattmonk get insured that all drawing and designs meets AHJ standards.


Cost Savings

Early detection of issues prevents costly rework and ensures project profitability.