WattMonk give you best of both worlds – People & Machine learning

Machine Learning has proven to be one of the resourceful method of data analytics. Amidst all the hype around Big Data, we keep hearing the term Machine Learning. What exactly is ML? Well, if we go by the google definition, Machine Learning is the method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions.

Diving deep into its advantages,

  • · It is helps in easily identifying trends and patterns:

Machine Learning can review large volumes of data and discover specific trends and patterns that would not be apparent to humans. For instance, for an e-commerce website like Amazon, it serves to understand the browsing behaviors and purchase histories of its users to help cater to the right products, deals, and reminders relevant to them. It uses the results to reveal relevant advertisements to them.

  • · Automation:

With ML, you don’t need to babysit your project every step of the way. Since it means giving machines the ability to learn, it lets them make predictions and also improve the algorithms on their own. A common example of this is anti-virus software; they learn to filter new threats as they are recognized. ML is also good at recognizing spam.

  • · Continuous Improvement:

As ML algorithms gain experience, they keep improving in accuracy and efficiency. This lets them make better decisions. Say you need to make a weather forecast model. As the amount of data, you have keeps growing, your algorithms learn to make more accurate predictions faster.

  • · Handling multi-dimensional and multi-variety data:

Machine Learning algorithms are good at handling data that are multi-dimensional and multi-variety, and they can do this in dynamic or uncertain environments.

  • · Wide Applications:

You could be an e-tailor or a healthcare provider and make ML work for you. Where it does apply, it holds the capability to help deliver a much more personal experience to customers while also targeting the right customers.

Although, ML needs enough time to let the algorithms learn and develop enough to fulfil their purpose with a considerable amount of accuracy and relevancy. It also needs massive resources to function. This can mean additional requirements of computer power for you. While, Machine Learning can be incredibly powerful when used in the right ways and in the right places where massive training data sets are available, it certainly isn’t for everyone.

But is Artificial intelligence enough for smoothly running operations?

A study suggests, Interpersonal skills are extremely important for creating and maintaining meaningful personal relationships in the workplace. People with good interpersonal communication skills can, therefore, build healthy relationships with their colleagues and work much better as a team.

Good interpersonal communication skills are also necessary for managers to help their employees do their jobs successfully. Leaders need to be able to pass on the right skills to the employees that will enable them to perform their tasks and achieve business goals. Moreover, they should be the ones to teach their employees interpersonal communication skills.

This year, we have all witnessed the importance of communication in the workplace. With the emergence of remote work, interpersonal communication among peers, colleagues, managers and leaders has been disrupted. Yet, it is more important than ever before. In order to keep their cultures open and transparent, employers need to continue to drive engaging workplace conversations even when employees are physically dispersed.

For any operation to go down smoothly, it must have a good amalgamation of artificial intelligence and a skilled team. This is where WattMonk comes into picture. Due to people in place, WattMonk understands the urgency of a project and can be done in hours instead of days. With highly skilled and industry’s best human as well as technical resources, the company appoints a good team for your project, so that it does not lead up to unwanted delay.

WattMonk, which is the first virtual solar assistant, is playing their role by catering the best administrations so that you could enjoy the hassle-free time.

We all want our desired work to be done with utmost priority and preciseness such as prelim design plan of your sun panels, WattMonk being capable of delivering the Prelim plan in only 1 hour* of configuration demands is the way you realize that you are the priority.

Prelim Design being done next, you are stressed over the Survey of the solar site, be it your home or your corporate office, what about an application that updates about the pictures that you have taken and the one that needs to be captured, effectively making the interaction smoother rather than you going to and from to the spot or taking time out of your bustling timetable to tick pending to-do list. Getting an agenda, placing all the pictures in a single place makes the entire process smoother with WattMonk.

The determined right plans for AHJ endorsement at a reasonable price ensure that you do not lose your important time in the amendment of plans. Be it your Permit plan, PE Stamping or exact drawings for the reason. This will help you save time in requesting and evaluating of all Solar ventures in a single place.

Services including Complete Sales proposition, Site appraisal report, Accurate Shade Analysis utilizing, LIDAR innovation, Realistic 3D Design of Site, and that is only the tip of the iceberg, to serve you only the best.

From a highly skilled & experienced design team to ensure design delivery in few hours to app/platform for ordering designs, collecting solar info at one-place and many other errands to run.

WattMonk you nothing but the best of both worlds- People & Machine learning

Reach out to them to order your PV Design Package in just a span of 5 minutes and get your first PV design for free.

You can mail them at solardesign@wattmonk.com, or check out their website to know more: https://www.wattmonk.com/
Telephone Number: 973-609-9241

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