Solar Power Is Now The Cheapest Electricity In History & Will Overtake Coal As The Biggest Source

Solar power is now the cheapest electricity in history & will overtake coal as the biggest source of energy by 2025

The IEA Announces Solar Power Is Now the Cheapest Form of Energy. It is official now that, Solar is the cheapest form of energy in history. This news was confirmed by the International Energy Agency’s estimations in their recent publication of World Energy Outlook 2020.

As you start researching about the crucial topics, the ones with prime importance such as “Why are glaciers melting?”, “What is causing the warming up of Earth?” or “Global Warming” you will find several reasons as to how the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the Earth’s surface. From burning of fossil fuels, coal to transport vehicles’ emissions, they have all put a hand out to the warming of our planet.

But what are we doing about it?

Different parts of the world have been contributing towards protecting the environment by doing their bits such as countries like, India has promised to ensure that 40 percent of its electricity-generation capacity comes from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030. Moreover, the leaders of these respective nations encourage their citizens and people all the around the world to realize the repercussions of our doings and restraining them before it’s too late.

From Solar-based energy to Hydro-power projects all have been playing a great role in recent times with hopes of saving the planet and promoting a healthy environment for present and future generations to come.

Over the past 20 years, the prices related to solar cells, the structures capable of converting light energy into electricity, are steadily decreasing. New technological advances over the last twenty years have driven this increased reliance on solar by decreasing costs, and new technological developments promise to reinforce this solar usage by further decreasing costs and increasing solar array efficiency.

The Sun emits enough power onto Earth each second to satisfy the whole human energy demand for over two hours. as long as it’s readily available and renewable, solar energy is a renewable source of energy. The demand for solar panels is growing rapidly. the utilization of solar panels has become very prevalent due to their affordability and accessibility, the expansion rate has increased by nearly 50% during the last decade.

With solar power being the cheapest electricity in history which will overtake coal as the biggest source of energy by 2025.It is essential for the owners to remember of all the steps involved importing solar panels. Being conversant in the principles and regulations is important so as to make sure that you’re not acquiring any unnecessary fines. It is also essential to effectively choose a location of importation, also as an appropriate manufacturer.

Coming to the companies that are contributing in making the solar power as the biggest source of energy, we have WattMonk. A virtual solar assistant assisting in all solar errands from services including Complete Sales proposition, Site appraisal report, Accurate Shade Analysis utilizing LIDAR innovation, Realistic 3D Design of Site, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, to serve you only the best.

Like any major construction or installation that would potentially affect not just your home or any commercial space, installing solar also includes submitting the project to the United States’ local or the governmental office for approval. This is where Solar permitting, falls into place.

For solar arrays, city permits aren’t the sole requirement pre-solar installation. the house owner’s power company and HOA, if they need one, must give approval for the project also. Permit, because the word suggests, it gives the owner, the due authority to work the workings of the respective panel. If the project and people overseeing it are following code, this shouldn’t be a problem. the effort comes with the processes of acquiring the permit.

Permitting is often required for operating or fencing installation and repair, to plumbing, trade, and more. Additions and remodeling projects are big ones that would involve permitting. Though solar installation itself may be a quick process, it’s still a serious enough home improvement that permitting is required.

The thing that creates solar permitting so tricky is that solar permitting regulations can vary quite lot from one state or maybe city to subsequent. All the irregularity can make solar permitting confusing, time consuming. Making solar permitting more uniform will reduce the soft costs of putting in solar. Soft costs are all the items that enter purchasing a system besides the particular hardware. Soft costs currently add up to around 64 percent of the entire tag of a system.

To outpace current solar cells, a replacement design would wish to be ready to capture more light, transform light energy to electricity more efficiently, or be less costly to create than current designs. Energy producers and consumers are more likely to adopt solar energy if the energy it produces is equally or less costly than other, often non-renewable, sorts of electricity, so any improvement to current photovoltaic cell designs must bring down overall costs to become widely used. For any design to be ready to work for the aim it’s installed for needs a permit.

Professional Engineering stamping holds the maximum amount as importance because the Solar Permit does.

Should you get PE Stamping?

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), government agencies, educational institutions, and personal industries are requiring contract work with licensed professional engineers in greater numbers today. Not only may be a PE Stamp of upper demand, it also shows that you simply hold your work to a better standard. So, in other words, yes, you ought to.

If we start enlisting the benefits of PE Stamps, well, it will take-up a lot of space but I have mentioned a few below:

1. System’s Performance: According to NSPE, professional knowledge is best demonstrated when a PE has been retained by the contractor, who is personally conscious of a project’s scope, needs, parameters, limitations and special requirements.


2. Gain Government Approval: The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) explains, “Professional licensure protects the general public by enforcing standards that restrict practice to qualified individuals who have met specific qualifications in education, work experience, and exams.” These qualifications for licensure are regulated by state. When a PE backs your project, the state will easily recognize its legitimacy and provides approval.


3. Shift Responsibility: A PE Stamp carries the load of knowledgeable engineer’s approval. alongside that, the engineer is stating that he or she is going to be liable for the integrity of the system. Let’s say you had a respiratory tract infection, so you attend your doctor. However, your doctor says you’ve got cancer and begins aggressive treatment. once you eventually determine you simply had an infection, the fault isn’t yours, it’s the doctors. By placing your trust during a PE, they become liable for your project’s integrity. As like a doctor, he’s an expert within the field.

4. Gain Credibility: According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, a PE Stamp demonstrates that knowledgeable engineer placed his or her “registration seal on any drawings, designs, plans, descriptions and/or specifications that he or she didn’t author or that he or she didn’t have personal professional knowledge and direct supervisory control and responsibility.” Project officials concerned with structure integrity and state requirements are going to be impressed by a PE Stamp.

5. Meeting all Local and State Codes: Professional engineers must undergo a lengthy process while analyzing plans and submitting approval to the state. PEs are more conversant in state codes and regulations and can be ready to guarantee your system meets all requirements. within the case that it doesn’t, PEs will skills to bring your project up to code and earn their stamp of approval.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of services that the company offers.

WattMonk notes that solar permitting, PE stamping and other soft costs can increase the worth of putting in home or commercial solar. to assist remove the financial and time barrier of disorganized permitting processes, WattMonk is providing a more standard solar permitting process across the U.S., the program aims to form it more efficient and affordable for the owners.

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