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With the changing times, people have realized how crucial it is to adopt renewable energy sources and eliminate the traditional sources of electricity. There are more than 250,000 solar workers in the United States in fields spanning manufacturing, installation, project development, trade, distribution, and more, which has also increased job growth rate to 167% over the past decade, which is five times faster than the overall job growth rate in the U.S. economy.

For instance, the most common type of solar cell today is that of crystalline silicon (c-Si) which has dominated the solar industry for decades.
In recent years, however, the innovation of perovskite solar cells may very well revolutionize solar energy. Perovskites, third-generation solar cells, are composed of a calcium titanium oxide mineral which is composed of calcium titanite (CaTiO3) and they have started to make their debut outside the laboratory over the past year. Their high absorption coefficient enables ultra-thin films of around 500 nm absorbs the complete visible solar spectrum.
This new technology will leave traditional solar panels in the dust. Solar panels have improved substantially in their efficiency and power output over the last few decades. In 2018, the efficiency of multi-crystalline PV reached 17%, while that of mono-crystalline reached 18%. This positive trend is expected to continue through to 2030.
Now, you must be thinking where does WattMonk come into play?
Well, WattMonk is A Premium Solar Design company, which provides virtual solar assistance and is first of its kind. They are playing their role by catering the best administrations so that you could enjoy the hassle-free time.
your house has no effect with solar panel

WattMonk notes that solar permitting, PE stamping and other soft costs can increase the worth of putting in home or commercial solar. to assist remove the financial and time barrier of disorganized permitting processes, WattMonk is providing a more standard solar permitting process across the U.S., the program aims to form it more efficient and affordable for the owners.

Services including Complete Sales proposition, Site appraisal report, Accurate Shade Analysis utilizing, LIDAR innovation, Realistic 3D Design of Site, and that is only the tip of the iceberg, to serve you only the best.
Let us dig into why do CXOs love WattMonk! A highly Skilled team, is what any company in any industry looks for, for any task to be done. From Permit Design to As-built drawings. We help solar installer get more glass on the roof faster. But, how exactly do we do it:
· By reducing your Design costs up to 50%
· Improve Delivery timelines (Get design in hours, not in days)
· 3 step Quality check & Assurance process before each design delivery.
We make the deal sweet by being available 24×7 with more than 100 designers on our payroll.
wattmonk take cares of all your need
What are our strengths? · Experience team of Solar Designers
· A platform for all your solar needs
· 24×7 backend support with Text, Audio, Video platform
· 98.3% success rate with all AHJs across the US
· IT team to integrate our platform to provide you with all the software support
· Highly customizable & Flexible designing capabilities
All of the above points ensure the design delivery in few hours to app/platform for ordering designs, collecting solar info at one-place and many other errands to run. Ordering designs from our Portal is as easy as ordering food.

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