How About There Was A Solar Store Which Could Provide All The Services Under One Roof?

Well, not anymore!

WattMonk, which has proven to be USA’s everyday solar store, provides services in a package and even the individual service. Their USP is the quality-assurance factor and the express deliveries which makes them stand-out.

The 24/7 assistance (yes, you read that right 24/7) to their clients has taken the company to the level where they now are one of the companies, catering 25 MW of solar projects EVERY month.
Wattmonk handeling 25MW of Solar Project every month
That is HUGE!
Let’s have a look at what all solar solutions do they provide from Prelim Design to As-Built Drawings.

Now, the first challenge is to find the right spot for the solar panels to be installed. There’s a possibility that where the sun rays’ hit the most on your site, might not be the best place to install panels, so how exactly does WattMonk counter these problems?

The Prelim Design, which uncovers the layout of the house depicting how the sun rays will look on your space. WattMonk helps to show cast a layout of the respective residential or commercial site with solar modules placed on the best roof angles to see how the solar array will look on your space, taking into consideration obstructions such as attic vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, etc.
Apart from specializing in catering U. S’s AHJ-compliant solar PV designs and being capable of delivering Prelim design in just 60 min* of design requests. They help the customers in grasping a far better understanding of the prices and outcome of owning a solar PV system.
Solution to the next challenge, the Survey of the space is:

WattMonk provides a suggestive application to all its clients so as to assist them in making sure every bit of an essential information is being check listed. This app helps in conducting surveys by providing customized survey templates with ease of conducting survey without repetitive site visits and not just this but with zero paperwork. It equips your team to survey each of the facilities with utmost precaution and preciseness. It is a single platform to collate all of your important documents in one place with no hassle.

The detailed Survey checklist ensures that none of the clients miss any essential information, saving their time as well as efforts of going to-and-fro to the plant.
Skipping the process of going to-and-fro to the client, you can now share the Solar Permit Design through the same application.
Permit plan, a customized document for customers as per local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Solar permit design includes detailed plans for individual Solar Projects.
This solar permit design not only can be submitted to their city for permit approval but also can be used to guide contractors during solar installations.
WattMonk has worked on 15000+ designs for AHJ designs hence, provides standardized survey with success rate of 98.2%. It includes detailed plans for individual Solar Projects. This solar permit design not only can be submitted to the city for permit approval but also can be used to guide contractors during solar installations.

Isn’t that a relief?

The crucial and critical part, i.e., PE Stamping:

WattMonk facilitates PE stamping for all residential & Commercial projects and both structural and electrical stamping, to confirm all drawings and designs are as per AJH, so that our clients do not face any hurdle and can run their plan smoothly.

With structural engineer’s review of all Pictures of the Project, ensures that it is safe for the owner as well as the community.

When a PE backs your project, the state will easily recognize its legitimacy and provides approval. When you place your trust in a PE, they become liable for your project’s integrity.

Last but not the least, As-Built Drawing:

The as-built drawings show how the system was actually installed and it showcases any changes made to the design during installation.

To have the most recent drawings, WattMonk provides the As-Built drawings services to its customers in express delivery.
What’s the wait for?
Visit WattMonk’s website www.wattmonk.com or reach out to them at: Write at: solardesign@wattmonk.com
Call at: (973) 609-9241

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