How About There Was A Solar Store Which Could Provide All The Services Under One Roof?

Are you tired of the hassle and complexity of solar installations? Well, not anymore! WattMonk, USA’s everyday solar store, provides comprehensive solar solutions in both packages and individual services. Their unique selling proposition (USP) lies in their quality assurance and express deliveries, making them a standout choice in the industry.

WattMonk’s commitment to 24/7 customer assistance has propelled them to a leadership position in the market, managing an impressive 25 MW of solar projects every month. This level of service and capability is truly monumental!

Comprehensive Solar Solutions from Prelim Design to As-Built Drawings

WattMonk offers a range of solar solutions, ensuring that every step of your solar project is handled with expertise and precision. Let’s explore their services, starting from Prelim Design to As-Built Drawings.

Prelim Design: Finding the Perfect Spot for Solar Panels

The initial challenge in any solar project is identifying the optimal location for solar panel installation. WattMonk addresses this with their Prelim Design service, which provides a detailed layout of the site, showing how sun rays will impact your space. They create layouts for residential and commercial sites, placing solar modules at the best roof angles while considering obstructions like attic vents, exhaust pipes, and chimneys.

WattMonk specializes in creating AHJ-compliant solar PV designs and can deliver Prelim Designs in just 60 minutes. This quick turnaround helps customers better understand the costs and benefits of owning a solar PV system.

Survey Solutions: Precision and Efficiency

The next step in the solar installation process is a detailed survey of the space. WattMonk offers a suggestive application to assist clients in ensuring all essential information is checked. This app provides customized survey templates, making it easy to conduct surveys without repetitive site visits and paperwork. It ensures every bit of information is gathered with precision, saving time and effort.

The detailed survey checklist ensures that no essential information is missed, facilitating a smooth project execution.

Solar Permit Design: Streamlining Approvals

WattMonk simplifies the permit approval process with their Solar Permit Design service. This customized document is tailored to the requirements of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). It includes detailed plans for individual solar projects, which can be submitted to the city for permit approval and used to guide contractors during installations.

WattMonk has worked on over 15,000 AHJ designs, achieving a 98.2% success rate. Their standardized survey process ensures a high approval rate and smooth project execution.

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PE Stamping: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The critical aspect of any solar project is Professional Engineer (PE) stamping. WattMonk provides PE stamping for all residential and commercial projects, covering both structural and electrical aspects. This confirms that all drawings and designs comply with AHJ regulations, ensuring a smooth approval process.

A structural engineer reviews all project pictures to ensure safety for the owner and the community. When a PE backs your project, it gains legitimacy and approval from the state, making the entire process hassle-free.

As-Built Drawings: Documenting the Final Installation

As-built drawings are crucial as they show how the system was actually installed, including any changes made during the installation. WattMonk provides express delivery of As-Built drawings to ensure clients have the most recent and accurate documentation.

Why Choose WattMonk?

  • Comprehensive Services: From Prelim Design to As-Built Drawings, WattMonk covers every aspect of solar installation.
  • Quality Assurance: Their focus on quality and compliance ensures reliable and efficient solar solutions.
  • Express Deliveries: Quick turnaround times for design and documentation services.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Round-the-clock support to address any queries or issues.
  • High Success Rate: Proven track record with a 98.2% success rate in AHJ designs.

Take the Next Step with WattMonk

Ready to simplify your solar project? Visit WattMonk’s website www.wattmonk.com or reach out to them at:

Don’t wait! Discover the ultimate solar solutions with WattMonk and take your solar projects to new heights.

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