Frequently asked questions


  • Why consider transitioning to solar energy?
    Embrace the advantages of solar power, ranging from substantial financial savings to environmental impact reduction. Installing a solar system enhances your home's value.
  • What financial gains come with solar energy?
    By incorporating a solar energy system, you save on electricity bills and shield yourself from potential increases in electricity rates. The amount saved depends on your locality's utility rates and solar policies, making solar a prudent investment
  • How does solar contribute to the environment?
    Like other renewable resources, solar power offers numerous environmental and health benefits. It diminishes greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change, and reduces air pollutants, promoting better air quality.
  • What services does Wattmonk provide?
    Wattmonk serves solar professionals, including EPCs, developers, dealers, and installers, offering a range of services from customer pitching to PE stamps. These include Prelim Designs (Solar Shade analysis, Sales proposals), Survey features, Permit Design & PE stamping.
  • What types of projects does Wattmonk handle?
    Wattmonk manages residential & commercial projects, encompassing rooftops, ground mounts & carports.
  • Is my roof suitable for solar panels?
    Ideal roofs face south, with minimal shade and ample space. Workarounds are available if your home lacks the perfect solar roof conditions.
  • How does Wattmonk improve the lives of solar installers?
    - Reduces design costs by up to 50%.
    - Accelerates delivery timelines (designs in hours, not days).
    - Enforces a 3-step quality assurance process.
    - Offers 24x7 availability with over 200 in-house designers.
  • What is Wattmonk's average AHJ acceptance rate across the US?
    Wattmonk boasts a 98.3% success rate across AHJs.
  • Can I go off-grid with solar panels?
    While solar panels keep you connected to the grid, adding battery storage allows off-grid potential. However, this is a pricier option, generally unnecessary for most homeowners.
  • What size solar system do I need?
    Determine your solar system size based on monthly electricity usage and local weather conditions. Solar installers can help assess your property and recommend the appropriate system size.
  • What's the impact of solar on property values?
    Studies indicate that homes with solar systems command higher prices. Owning, rather than leasing, your solar panel system enhances property value, often surpassing the impact of a kitchen renovation.
  • What is Wattmonk's average monthly capacity?
    Wattmonk delivers 60MW of solar projects every month.
  • What's the lifespan of my solar power system?
    Solar panels endure harsh conditions, with a general lifespan of 25 to 35 years. Components may need replacement at different intervals, ensuring prolonged electricity generation.
  • What if I sell my house with solar?
    Owning the solar system boosts property value. Studies confirm increased home values with solar ownership. If leased, options include buying out the lease before selling or transferring it to the new homeowner with the leasing company's cooperation.
  • How does the Wattmonk platform benefit solar installers?
    The Wattmonk platform provides:
    - Mobile access to solar projects.
    - 24x7 backend support with text, audio, video.
    - In-house IT team for API integration.
    - Suggestive solar site survey application.
    - Real-time status updates for each project.
  • Can permit designs be customized for our AHJs?
    Yes, all permit designs are customizable based on AHJs and installer requirements.
  • What PE services does Wattmonk provide?
    Wattmonk provides both electrical and structural stamps.
  • Do solar panels generate power in various weather conditions?
    Solar panel efficiency relies on sunlight, so output may be lower on cloudy days or at night. Despite this, solar remains a wise choice due to high electricity costs and financial incentives, even in less sunny areas.
  • Will I still receive an electric bill with solar panels?
    Unless equipped with battery storage and fully off-grid, you'll still receive a utility bill. However, solar can significantly reduce or eliminate this bill, depending on your energy consumption.
  • How long does it take to order services with Wattmonk?
    It takes just 5 minutes to place an order using our solar design platform/tool.
  • Why is PE Stamping critical?
    PE Stamping:
    - Demonstrates a professional engineer's approval.
    - Verifies that the system adheres to guidelines.
    - Proves legitimacy for projects requiring government approval.
    - Asserts the engineer's responsibility for system integrity.
  • What sales proposal designs can Wattmonk use to create a Permit Package?
    Wattmonk is compatible with various solar design outputs, such as Aurora solar, Helioscope, Solo, and more.
  • What information does Wattmonk require for a stand-alone permit design order?
    For a stand-alone permit design order, Wattmonk needs basic property information, including a customer-approved sales proposal, site survey images, utility details, and AHJ codes.