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Solar Sales Proposal Design

We are capable of delivering the Solar Sales proposal in just 2 hours* of the request. The proposal shows the overall savings for each project (residential or Commercial) taking into consideration obstructions such as attic vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, etc.

With a detailed Solar Sales proposal, you can be well prepared to discuss solar installation and its benefits for the project owner

Solar Sales Proposal

Our Detailed Report Includes

You enjoy an End- End detailed information about a solar sales proposal and its potential


Key Proposal Assumptions





System Information

What is the Cost of Not Getting Solar?

How Much Will You Save With Solar?

Cash , Rebates & Incentives

Key highlights of

Solar Sales Proposal

PV System size

Maximum PV System Size

Equipment Description



Solar Design Area

​Installation area (Length and Width)

Solar estimated power production

Estimated power production (Based on PV Watts)

Roof slope and azimuth

Roof Slope &


Sting Sizing and Electrical characteristics

String Sizing & Electrical characteristics

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