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Prelim designs

(Solar Sales Proposal)

We deliver Solar prelim designs in just 1 hour* of the design request.

The solar prelim design shows a layout of the house with solar modules placed at the best angles to see how the solar panel array will look, taking obstructions such as attic vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, etc into consideration.

Solar prelim design is also known as solar sales proposals. We provide detailed Site Assessment using the Aurora shade analysis tool for more elaborate PV designs.

Our designs contain a system summary on

Maximum PV system size

Equipment description

Installation area

(Length and Width)

Sting sizing and electrical characteristics

Roof slope and azimuth

Estimated power production (based on PV watts)


WattMonk app saves time by providing customized solar survey templates.​ And help you in checking every detail required before delivering the best quality solar design services.

With the Wattmonk Solar designing tool, you can conduct surveys by avoiding repetitive solar site visits and zero paperwork.​

Our Solar designing tool provides reference images and suggestive information to help sales reps to conduct site surveys.

The WattMonk platform/ app equips your team to survey each facility with utmost precaution.

A single platform to collate all your important documents.

A detailed checklist helps surveyors not to miss any detail.

Permit designs

Wattmonk delivers Permit designs in just 6hrs* of the design request.

Solar permit designs include detailed plans for individual projects. These solar permit designs can be used for submission to the utility and AHJ for permit approval. And can also be used to guide contractors during installations.

Permit plan is a customized document for customers as per local Authority Having Judrisdiction (AHJ)

Cover Sheet

Site Plan

Roof Plan

String Layout & Bill of Material

Attachment Detail

Equipment Specification & Calculation

Single & three Diagram

Signage (PV safety label location)

Equipment Data Sheet

PE Stamping

(Structural and Electrical Stamps)

Now getting a PE Stamp on your solar permit plan is as easy as ordering your gaming device online!

We facilitate the PE stamping for all residential solar projects and commercial solar projects to confirm, all solar drawings and solar permit designs are as per AJH & utility.

Structural / Electrical Engineers reviews (pictures / Electrical drawing) information of the project to ensure it is safe for the owner and the community.

Getting a Structural/Electrical Engineers approval is as important as getting your driving license!