Our Platform

End-to-end Solar Engineering Platform. Dedicatedly built for Permit Design automation for installers – We are the first technology player in the Solar Industry to come up with this innovation!

Why Choose Wattmonk Platform?

You can take control of your project with an easy-to-use workflow, created for your solar engineering needs.


Sales Proposal

We deliver sales proposals and shade analysis with a 2-hour* turnaround time.

Site Survey

Our Site Survey app enables anyone to do a home survey in minutes. With highly interactive features one can auto-feed the same information into permit plansets or sales proposals with a few clicks.

Plan Set

We deliver plansets in just 6 hours* of the request. The planset includes a cover sheet, single and three-line diagrams, roof plans, attachment details, OCPD calculations, and spec sheets.

Engineering Review

Now getting a PE Structural and Electrical Review on your solar permit plan is as easy as ordering your gaming device online! – You read that right, with Wattmonk it is possible.

PTO Application

With a dedicated team for Interconnection and PTO applications, we prepare the Interconnection document and submit it to the Utility for the Installers.


Simplify the permitting process with our comprehensive platform, which guides you through each step, from application submission to approval.


Track Your
Activities Realtime

You can access all your activities in real-time, and you can track if the project is in the queue or in progress, or completed, and the stages of the project as well.

Manage Your Teams

You can know the Design Engineer and his team working on the project and you can directly interact with the team through email, chat, call, or with just a “mention” option.

Track All Your Projects

You can now track the live status of your projects – which stage your project is in and what will be the estimated time of completion.

Master Details Page

Master Details is a layout page that showcases all basic information of the projects at a glance such as the Home information, details of modules, Inverters, mounting details, and utility used in a specific project.

Site Survey App

The Power of Solar Engineering in Your Palm
Introducing Wattmonk Mobile Survey App: Avoid Solar Survey Setbacks, get a detailed survey of your solar site. Wattmonk makes it easy for you to make sure you get all of the steps done right!

Our app guides users step by step through the survey process.

Capture information for planset, permitting, and utility in one go.

Manage Fleet through scheduling and assigning capabilities.

Quality checked within 15 minutes to ensure maximum accuracy.

Save time and money with a Self Survey App

Using our Site Survey app, you can conduct home surveys without hiring a professional to do it for you.
Our app helps the user capture all the information in one go by guiding them through the entire process.

Our site survey app enables you to gather a complete set of site survey data during site visits, including roofing details, main service panel details, and site pictures. It allows you to do a home survey on your own with highly interactive features that can automatically feed the same information into permit plans.