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One Place
For all your Teams, Tasks & Analytics

End-to-end Solar Engineering Platform. Dedicatedly built for Permit Design automation for installers – We are the first technology player in the Solar Industry to come up with this innovation!

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Track Your Activities Realtime

You can access all your activities in real-time, and you can track if the project is in the queue or in progress, or completed, and the stages of the project as well.

Gredient ( Track Your Activities Realtime)_edited.png

Manage Your Teams

You can know the Design Engineer and his team working on the project and you can directly interact with the team through email, chat, call, or with just a “mention” option.

Track All Your Projects

You can now track the live status of your projects – which stage your project is in and what will be the estimated time of completion.

Master Details Page

Master Details is a layout page that showcases all basic information of the projects at a glance such as the Home information, details of modules, Inverters, mounting details, and utility used in a specific project.

Wattmonk Platform Modules

Why Choose Wattmonk Platform?

You can take control of your project with an easy-to-use workflow, created for your solar engineering needs.

Bring more visibility to your solar projects.

Insights & Analytics

Increase efficiency by bringing your team in one place.


Create unlimited projects & Access seamlessly from anywhere.

Data Storage

Wattmonk is available on all platforms - Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles

Anytime, Anywhere

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