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Wattmonk Technologies is excited to announce its partnership with one of the leading residential solar financiers, Sungage Financial. This partnership aims to blend Sungage and Wattmonk’s vision to collectively enable solar installers to build a strong business that would grow fast with collective support at all stages ranging from Solar proposals to Permit Designs to PE Stamping and financing services.

Majority of the solar businesses today find it challenging to offer an experience that is holistic and meets the customer expectations at the same time. The Wattmonk and Sungage partnership is sure to help the installers address this challenge and win more solar projects.

This partnership will enable Sungage’s installers to access Wattmonk’s platform and services that shall help them combat everyday challenges like site surveys using Wattmonk’s survey app and communication with the designers, to name a few.

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If you have not yet registered on Wattmonk, please fill in the information below and get access to an array of top notch services – Sales proposals, Site assessment and survey, PV Permit Design, PE Stamping.

wattmonk with sungage financial

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