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Frequently Asked Questions

 A)  Wattmonk caters to Solar professionals, including EPC's, developers, dealers, and installers, providing everything from customer pitching to PE stamps. These include Prelim Designs (Solar Shade analysis, Sales proposals), Survey features, Permit Design & PE stamping

Q) What Service does Wattmonk provide?

Q) What type of projects does Wattmonk handle?

 A)   Wattmonk handles residential & commercial projects, including rooftop, ground mount & carports.

Q) How does Wattmonk solar installers' lives better?

 A)  Wattmonk helps reduce design costs by up to 50%.

   •     Improve Delivery timelines (Get designs in hours, not in days)

   •     Execute a 3 step Quality assurance process on each design before we deliver it

   •     We are available 24x7 with more than 200 designers on our payroll

Q) What is the typical turnaround time for each Solar project?

 A)   Wattmonk can deliver all residential projects as per the below table.

   •     For commercial projects, times vary depending on projects size (in KW) 

Q) Wattmonk average capacity to handle each month?

 A) Wattmonk delivers 60MW of solar projects every month

Q) How does the Wattmonk platform help solar installers?

 A)  Wattmonk platform provides installers ease to access their solar projects on the go.

   •     24x7 backend support with Text, Audio, Video platform

   •     In-house, IT team to integrate our platform with your software (API integration)

   •     Suggestive solar site survey application to capture all critical data

   •     Real-time status update for each solar project

Q) Can Permit designs be customized for our AHJs?

A) All of our permit designs are open to customization basis AHJs and Installer needs

Q) What PE services are provided by Wattmonk?

 A)   Both Electrical and structural stamps can be obtained through Wattmonk.

Q) What is Wattmonk's average success rate for AHJs acceptance across the US

 A)  We have a 98.3% % success rate across AHJs

Q) How much time does it take to order any services with Wattmonk

 A)   5 minutes to place an order with us using its solar design platform/ Tool.

Q) Why is PE Stamping so critical?

 A)  A PE Stamp demonstrates a professional engineer's approval.

   •     PE stamps verify that the system will perform as per guidelines

   •     There are many cases where a project requires government approval, and a PE stamp can prove legitimacy.

   •     The PE Stamp says that the engineer is responsible for the system's integrity and the lives affected by their work.

Q) What sales proposal designs can be used by Wattmonk to create a Permit Package?

 A)   Wattmonk is well equipped to handle various solar design outputs, such as Aurora solar, Helioscope, Solo, and more.

Q) What information does Wattmonk require for a stand-alone permit design order?

 A)  All of the basic information pertaining to the property is required. These include Customer approved sales proposal, Site survey images including any obstacles, Intake form for Utility details, and AHJ codes.

Q) Does Wattmonk support any revisions based on AHJs feedback?

 A)   We provide free-of-cost modification/edits on existing Permit designs.

Q) What type of line diagrams are provided by Wattmonk for each solar project?

 A)  We compete in both Single line & three-line diagrams for Solar projects

Q) What types of Permit designs does Wattmonk provide?

 A)   We can provide all types of permits for:

             –Photovoltaic (PV)

             –PV + Storage/ Battery

             –Battery Only

Q) How do you signup on the platform?

 A)   It's simple, visit and register for free.

Q) What platforms are Wattmonk solar tools available?

 A)  Our Solar design tool can be accessed on all online browsers along with Android and iOS users.

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