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Wattmonk Technologies is excited to announce its partnership with Bodhi. This partnership aims to streamline solar communication and services between installers and their homeowners.

With this partnership, Bodhi's installers will get access to Wattmonk’s platform and services at a discounted rate. Wattmonk helps solar installers combat their everyday challenges like site surveys, project delays, and inefficiencies that lead to higher costs. For these, Wattmonk equips installers with solutions like user-friendly site survey application, faster TATs, and accuracy on designs - all using technology.

Bodhi is a leading solar customer experience platform. Bodhi automates communication and personalizes the homeowners’ experience, so that installers can focus on what they do best - executing projects, making more sales, and transforming communities around energy. Wattmonk looks forward to offering its network of installers a seamless, automated customer experience through Bodhi's patented technology. Bodhi connects with installers' existing software tools to make customer communications easier and homeowners happier.

Wondering what’s the next step? It’s easy

If you have yet not registered on Wattmonk, please fill in the information below and get access to an array of top-notch services – Sales proposals, Site assessment & survey, PV Permit Packages, and PE Electrical and Structural Review. For companies that are already leveraging Wattmonk and want to get started with Bodhi, please schedule a call here. Existing Wattmonk installers are entitled to 50% off Bodhi’s implementation fee.

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